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Stirling Creamery


Stirling Salted ButterStirling Salted Butter

A shade deeper than its unsalted counterpart, this butter smells of fresh cream and has a pronounced, pleasant salty finish that lingers on the palate. The salted finish gives it a fresh, briny flavour with rich undertones of softly ripened brie.

Stirling Unsalted ButterStirling Unsalted Butter

Pale yellow with a subtle, creamy aroma, this sweet cream, unsalted butter has a rich, silky mouth-feel and a fresh, pure buttery flavour. Creamy, mild and top-rated in Saveur Magazine's "World's 30 Great Butters" list.

Stirling Whey ButterStirling Whey Butter

With a super creamy, deep buttery flavour, this exceptional product is made from whey cream (left over from cheese-making) that's churned into butter. This butter has a superlative depth of flavour that's slightly nutty, earthy and silky like a beautifully ripened soft cheese.

Stirling Butter Balls Stirling CREAMERY Butter Balls

Enjoy the creamery fresh goodness of Stirling Salted Butter in our individual serving butter spheres. Take dinner to the next level or make a memorable occasion all the more special with this elegant addition toyour dinner table.

Stirling European Style Butter: Churn 84 ReserveStirling European Style Butter: Churn 84™ SALTED

This 84% butterfat butter (the first of its kind in Ontario) has a markedly richer, more pronounced dairy flavour, reminiscent of old world European butters. It's like farm-churned butter with a round mouth feel, and a lightly salted profile upfront.


Stirling European Style Butter: Churn 84 ReserveStirling European Style Butter: Churn 84™ UNSALTED

With 84% butterfat, this delicious, unsalted butter has a rich and creamy flavor that delights even the most discerning palette. Perfect for baking and cooking, our freshly churned butter is certain to please with its refined, smooth taste, reminiscent of Old World European Butters. The rich, unsalted flavor is an outstanding complement to all of your favourite recipes.





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